Enjoying your holidays during health care

We make health care fun. Combine your annual checkup with the holidays you like. Bring your friends or relatives with you while you receive your treatment and enjoy the luxury of a five star resort. We bring in the worlds best doctors and specialists to treat you while you receive personal care and experience the beauty and hospitality of Turkey. Turkey is one of the leading countries in health care world wide. Fed up with the bad conditions in your home country? Try for your self. No long waiting lists. Not longer a number on the doctors list. Our doctors realy care!

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Health Insurances in your country we work with

We support many health insurances in many countries. Read which health insurances support treatment abroad.

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About Health Assist


Health Assist, is a human centered health service, without compromising ethical standards and cutting across countries and states, aimed at health, love and providing the best services to all and understanding customer needs as well as fulfilling their desires using the most modern standards. By doing so, becoming a well-known, continuously successful health organization through the solutions and services we offer.Learn more...

We care

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